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Discussion in 'Online Adventures' started by BlueApocalypse, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Quit back in April - Finally decided I'm not coming back to the game. Account comes with 70 Human Rogue, 70 Draenei Mage, 49 Human Warlock, 67 Undead Warlock. The only character I really focused on was my Rogue. All toons are on PVP servers and have transfers/name changes available. In total, the account has 4600k gold (4100ish Alliance, 500ish Horde)

    70 Human Rogue - Combat Swords PVE
    • Atk Power: 1908
    • Hit Rating: 283
    • Crit Chance: 28.91%
    • Expertise: 26
    Pretty much the best gear if you're looking to enter BT/Sunwell.
    Expertise is capped for PVE (Human Racials FTW) and only needs +20ish Hit Rating to cap out.
    30+ Epics ranging from full T5, T4, T6 Gloves and equivalent epics from TK/BT.
    In PVP gear which is a mixture of PVE/S2/S3 he has 350+ res and 10k+ HP
    375 Alchemy (Elixir Spec'd - Every Flask discovered + many rare recipes)
    375 Blacksmithing (Yeah yeah, had a Dragonstrike before Haste Rating was nerfed.)
    Epic land-mount, normal flying-mount
    Rare 'Hand of Ad'al' title (For the server I was on anyways, before BT attunement was removed.)

    The Mage and Warlocks were just toons I was going to level to 70 seeing as WotLK is coming out soon - no point in gearing them out really. The Mage and Undead Warlock have their Epic Land mounts.

    Only asking $400 ~ Willing to negotiate.
    If interested, PM me and I'll toss you an Armory link to the characters.

    Btw, if this needs to go in to For Sale, sorry Mods :hs:

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