Wow DACP great stuff. My car got swiped today by a Blazer, DACP took it out!

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by quamen, Apr 2, 2004.

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    Nov 14, 2003
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    Well today during rush hour in a busy town, some lady decided she would drive like 50 in a 35 and not yeild. So she came out and got really really close to my truck, and I felt such a slight breeze on my truck. So she pulls over and I pull over and get out. I started to say why didnt you look at the sign back there, the big red one that says yeild. She says im supposed to yeild, so i was like whatever. I got to the side to look at the damage and I see some scuffs on the fender flare of my xtreme. I was kinda pissed,but she was like no damage here so we parted.

    I went home broke out the rotary, red pad, DACP and a clean terry towel. Within minutes there was no sight on anything having been there. Wow some great stuff, I was pretty impressed. I tried to work the DACP by hand but I coudlnt remove it. SO i set the buffer on like 1200 and went to work. And yes for all my detailing pics and stuff like this im going to get a camera!! Well anyways what a great product.
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    Nice. I used Meguiar's swirl remover on my friend's mustang - it removed some water spots that were over a year old :cool: (yeah yeah I'll have pix soon :big grin:)

    And be careful out there. Have you heard the term "Died defending his right of way"? This sounds like a fitting case. I'd just slow down and let the bitch drive by :hs:

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