GUN Wow some canadians have some common sense left

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    Relatives not angry that man was shot

    Police killed suspect at Calgary car wash

    By Stephane Massinon and Jason van Rassel, Calgary HeraldMarch 20, 2009

    Two aunts of the man who was gunned down by police Wednesday say they don't blame the officer and had warned their nephew of the possible violent consequences of his life of crime.

    Parole documents show that Travis Douglas Oakes, 33, more than once put police and the public in jeopardy with his reckless driving.

    "I'm not going to candy-coat it, he led a terrible life," his aunt, Carol Jackson, said Thursday.

    In July 2005, Oakes was convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle for trying to outrun police in a stolen vehicle. He collided with police vehicles and "narrowly missed hitting a police officer who jumped out of the way," the parole documents said.

    During a high-speed chase Oakes "demonstrated a blatant disregard for police and public safety."

    On March 3, Oakes sped through a crowded shopping centre parking lot after he spotted police cars. Officers didn't chase him because it was too dangerous, one source said.

    The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is investigating the shooting at the Western Pride Car Wash early Wednesday.

    Oakes, already the subject of a police investigation regarding property crimes, was washing a stolen 1986 Chevy Caprice when police officers blocked the car wash exits with unmarked vehicles.

    Two officers -- one in uniform -- entered the bay and tried to arrest Oakes, but he jumped into the stolen car.

    "In an attempt to flee from the arrest, Mr. Oakes attempted to drive his vehicle through the closed doors of the car wash," said Clifton Purvis, executive director of ASIRT.

    After Oakes hit the front bay door twice and the rear door numerous times, a plainclothes officer, Sgt. Dave Jennings, fired his .40-calibre service pistol four times, hitting Oakes three times.

    Jennings was standing just outside the bay at the time.
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    A car is a deadly weapon dude.
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    More common sense than a lot of Americans...
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    Holy crap...there may be a spark of hope left for us.

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