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    Allow me to set the scene a bit for my story.

    It starts the first part of January, just after the first of the year, with an invitation to a Superbowl party at a mutual friend's house. He and his wife throw one every year and I've been going for forever, and she's been going with me since we started dating, years ago.

    I opened the invite, finding it very amusing that he still sends these things out over snail mail. I mean, he must be one of the few people that still gives the poor dying post office any business whatsoever. I call her name to get her attention and ask her if she wants to go again this year, or if she has made plans with one of her friends. But, the good wife that she is, she knows how much I love going and has turned down the couple of invites that she got.

    "Sure, baby" she replies, the look on her face saying "of course we'll go, but thank you for asking." "Should we bring anything this year?"

    "Just a 24 pack, we'll drop by on the way and see what’s on sale."


    Skip forward a couple of weeks.

    I roll over Sunday morning, putting my arm around her soft sleeping form and bring her the rest of the way awake with a gentle kiss on that soft spot just behind her ear. Damn she loves that. She has a smile on her face when she wakes up and reaches up to run her fingers through my hair and direct my lips to hers.

    "Wanna go to church this morning love?"

    "mmm, Not really"

    "Yeah, me neither"

    She rolls over to face me and lays on my chest, nuzzling my neck, making soft cooing noises. I don’t think she even knows she makes them.

    I laugh and ask "Have better plans, do you sexy?"

    In response, she slips her hand down the front of my boxers and coaxes my morning wood back to full attention. "mhmm" she says with a giggle and a suckle on my earlobe. She moves to climb on top of me, but for some reason she keeps going and climbs off my side of the bed.

    I grunt and grab her wrist. "where do you think you're going?"

    She looks at me and then at the bathroom and then back down at me. "where do you think I’m going?"

    "I think you’re going to come back down here and fuck me," I growl back.

    She giggles. "Nah ah!" I laugh and hit her with the pillow, knowing today is a 'difficult day.'

    She slips away into the bathroom, leaving me pitching a tent in the bed. I just relax back, enjoying the sun streaming through the window. After a few minutes, I get up and join her in the bathroom. I walk in and look her over just as she finishes peeing. She stands up and hits me playfully. "Dirty man."

    I just laugh and tickle her back. Who knows why she just now finished peeing, but what do girls do in the bathroom anyway? I walk over to pee and she giggles, looking at me in the mirror.

    "What?!" I ask, incredulous.

    "See you got your problem taken care of." I just glare at her playfully in the mirror.

    After a few minutes of watching her putz about the room, I walk up behind her and run my hands over her sexy body, brushing my lips against her neck. She purrs quietly, running her hands over my arms and tilts her head away showing me that she's mine, exposing her neck. I want her badly, and beg by pulling up on her thong. She giggles and slips out of my arms, running her finger tips over my back as she walks out of the bathroom. I go running after her like I’m on a leash, pussy-whipped as I am, but she just walks right past the bed!

    I run up behind her and spank her ass with the back of my hand. She looks back and me and laughs, wiggling her cute butt. She wanders into the kitchen to get breakfast, and I know better than to follow her. She loves cooking for her man. Don't get me wrong, I do my share of the cooking, but not if she's in the mood.

    I run outside to get the paper and when I come back in she "rars" at me. Damn, she's too cute. There's a lot of ways to let a guy know you think he's sexy, but she just knows how to do it. I grab the remote to turn on the TV as my ass hits the couch. As usual, CNN isn’t talking about anything interesting. I wish we got BBC.

    She comes over with a plate in one hand and two glasses of ice water in the other and plops down on the couch next to me. She sets both glasses of water on the coffee table and I run my hand up her back under her shirt, just taking a moment to pet my kitten. She growls softly and nuzzles the air at me. Pulling my plate from under hers, she slides some toast off onto it and hands it to me, taking the remote.

    After we finish breakfast and I finish the paper, she gets up and puts in a DVD. I lay back against the armrest, putting my legs up on the couch and she stretches out between them and the back of the couch, laying on my chest. I run my hand up her arm and down her side, up her side and down her arm, over and over, slowly loving her. Her free arm is across my tummy and my other arm is over hers. She stretches up and kisses my jaw. Fuck I love this woman.

    At some point through the movies, she starts running her finger tips back and forth across my happy trail, watching me get hard from her attention rather than watching the movie. She traces her finger along my cock to the head and presses up on it, sending a spasm through my spine. But then she just giggles innocently and goes back to watching the movie. "What is she up to," I wonder.

    After the movie goes off, I get up and take the dishes to the kitchen, tossing them in the dishwasher.

    "go to lunch today angel?" I ask.

    "Yup yup, where?"

    "You pick"

    She pretends to act all innocent, one hand on her hip, her finger to her lip. She tilts her hip like all women can and leans her head to the side. "Uhm, off my breasts?"

    I almost drop something in the kitchen and look at her. "seriously?"

    "Nope!" she giggles. "luigi's"

    Pizza it is.

    She comes out of the bedroom a few minutes later, all dressed and ready to go. Small white tee and tight blue jeans. I just shake my head and she smiles and spins around for me. Hot damn. I growl at her and she mimes pinching her nipples with a real kinky look on her face. I laugh and throw the dish towel at her. Minutes later we're out the door, jeans, tee, and hat for me. We leave the jackets in the entry closet. Damn Phoenix and its warm winters.

    After lunch we head over to the party to hang out with our best friends before the game. She heads off to talk to her in the kitchen; I talk to him in the den.

    Several hours later, the game is in full swing. Fun, but not that interesting. We're pulling for the Eagles, but expect the Patriots to take it. The commercials are really disappointing. Janet and her nipple are fucking up all sorts of stuff. Worthless FCC. I've been catching looks and blown kisses from the misses for quite a while now, and combine that with all the teasing so far today and her clothes; I really want to fuck her. She catches my eye and licks the cool whip off the grape she's holding. Then she pops the whole thing in her mouth. Holy shit, I know that this means. The grape and that look. That's a universal look: I want your cock. Now. Right the fuck now. My eyes get all big and I gesture with my head over at my friend, asking her if I should 'put the tie on the door.' She smiles mischievously and shakes her head and heads towards the guest bathroom. I set my drink down and follow. Quick like.

    I slip into the bathroom, closing the door back right behind me. She looks over at me lustfully, beckoning with her eyes, but I stay standing at the door.

    "You've been planning this all day, haven't you?" I ask.

    She just grins. I walk towards her. She jumps up backwards and sits on the counter, crooking her finger at me. She grabs my belt and pulls me closer, giving me a kiss that curls my toes. Her hand drops down and starts rubbing my crotch through my pants. I put both hands on the counter on either side of her and lean in, deepening the kiss as she plays with me. It doesn’t take long for her to get me hard. She slips her hand down the front of my boxers and holds my member in her hand, just holding it while she’s kissing me.

    "We'd better hurry" I say, "we might get caught."


    I just moan and kiss her again. She undoes my pants and pushes them with my boxers down to my thighs, growling softly to her self when my cock springs up. She moves her lips from mine, kissing down my jaw to my ear, where she takes the lobe between her soft lips and suckles softly as her hand starts stroking my dick. I take one of my hands and run it over her thigh, thumb on the inside, stroking her softly. After just a few moments, I start rubbing my hand between her legs, rubbing her jeans and thong against her pussy.

    "I need you in me," she moans quietly into my ear.

    "You tease me all morning and then expect me to fuck you when you ask?"

    "Please, I need it... You know how badly I need your cock, it’s as teasing for me to stop playing with you as it is for you!"

    I move my hands to her ass, pulling her off the counter and I shuffle back a bit. I turn her around and lean her over the counter, she loves watching in the mirror and I love taking her from behind. I undo the buttons on the front of her jeans, and slide them down her hips. She wiggles and they fall the rest of the way to the floor so she can lift one leg out and spread herself apart for me. I step closer to her, my hard cock sliding right between her legs, against her very wet slit. Acting like a slut gets her so wet. That and the thought of my penis slamming into her.

    "Please," she begs, "Put it in me, I need you right fucking now."

    Being obedient, I guide my dick right into her sopping wet pussy. Her moan is quite louder than mine.

    "Shhh" I whisper "Someone will hear"

    "Wouldn’t be the first time. Quit talking and fuck me."

    "Yes Ma'am."

    I thrust all the way in as far as I can go. After all these times I'm still amazed that her tight little pussy can take all 7" of me. We both moan quietly as my balls slap into her. I pull back, almost all the way out and hesitate.

    "Quit screwing around and FUCKME"

    I plunge all the way into her again. Almost all the way out, all the way in, steady thrusting. She gets into the rhythm and starts rocking her hips, moving in little circles to get the most stimulation she can. My hands run over her warm skin; over her back, along her sides, over her tummy. I grab her breasts, working them in circles, massaging them with my strong hands. She uses one hand for support, but the other she moves around. Both of us have our eyes open and locked on the mirror, watching her getting fucked. Her hand massages her breasts when mine aren't or she lets it fall between her legs. She plays with her clit; she strokes my balls with her finger tips.

    I know she's getting close to cumming, her breathe is coming out in soft whines, begging to be fucked longer. We keep the steady rhythm, knowing that's what gets her off the quickest. When she starts going "Nnhhh NNnnh" I reach up and pinch her nipples, pulling on them softly with my thumb and first finger as the rest of her tits are massaged sitting cupped in my palms.

    "I’m... about... to... cum..." she moans quietly.

    "Yes" is all I can get out, but she knows I've been holding back for her.

    She moans, "Right..." The "now" comes out as nnnnnnnh! And as her pussy grips my throbbing cock, I launch my load, my own orgasm throwing her into a longer, more intense one like an asteroid hitting the atmosphere.

    We stop moving, just panting, as my dick slowly gets smaller and lets itself out. She stands back up, leaning to the side and looking back at me. I put my hand on her neck and my other arm around her and kiss her deeply.

    "Fuck, you're amazing," she whispers.

    "Only because of you," is the reply.

    She cleans us up, flushing the evidence and slips out of the bathroom with another kiss.

    I come out a minute later. The door doesn't open in sight of the den, so I guess no one saw us. I walk back in to the game and my buddy hands me another drink. I see loving wifey in the kitchen his wife, whispering conspiratorially.

    My buddy leans in and says quietly "I hope you two didn’t leave a mess in there."

    I almost spray my drink across the room and look in shock at him. He laughs and gestures at our wives with a look. They're both laughing! She walks seductively over to me and nibbles on my earlobe.

    "I love you," she purrs softly.

    "You're incredible," I answer.

    "I know. Go watch the game; you get to return the favor when we get home."

    I think this was the first Superbowl I was glad when it ended. I can't even remember who won.

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