wsm series @ mohegan sun

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by synthetic, Aug 12, 2005.

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    who was there? i got to go, mariuz pudzianoski, janni virtanin (sp?) , steve goggins, hugo girrard (sp?), the kid kevin from mtv true life were all there

    here is a pic of my friends with mariuz

    that guy is huge, @ 290lb with massive viens in his quads. his wife is real hot too...he put on an excellent show getting the crowd going and half my hoemtown showed up since we ar eall polish.....i think it was on espn..i know they were there.

    the kevin kid did pretty good lots of hometown support from MA.

    the only rigged event there was the squat lift...blinger type squats with bags of feathers on top which they said was full of coins (1 million dollars worth, 1000lb)but they kept falling off lol..everyone was laughing during the ven....that kevin kid passed out but i think it was from the tight squat suit.
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