Wtf is wrong with my komp now??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Deus Ex Aethera, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. I shut it down last night and now it doesn't boot up. The hard drives spin up, the DVD drive light blinks a little, but the POWER light on the case doesn't turn on.

    Well, technically the POWER light turned on for a few seconds, but then it shut off again and never came on again no matter how many times I rebooted. It reminds me of what it did for a while after I put a new Athlon CPU in it and the heatsink tilted off the CPU die (thus allowing the CPU to overheat and shut down). I've since fixed that problem with a shim that supports the heatsink properly, though.

    I'd like to think it's the power supply, because those are a dime a dozen. My luck it's the whole mainboard tho. Ideas anyone?
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    If the CPU overheats, couldn't that destroy it?
  3. It could, but all CPUs nowadays shut off at 98 degrees Centigrade. I've had the CPU overheat before and it has worked for months afterwards, though I suppose there's a remote chance that it took it this long to finally die.
  4. Windows XP Pro SP2
    FIC AM37 w/Athlon XP 2600+ CPU and VIA KM266 chipset
    No UPS, just a surge protector*.
    It's been unplugged from the wall for over an hour and I've reset the CMOS also.

    *It's plugged into a high-load circuit that browns-out sometimes, that's why I think it may be the power supply.

    Unfortunately I can't test alternate power supplies or CPUs because I only have the one computer at college with me. It would make it a hell of a lot faster to find the problem if I could.
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    Jul 26, 2004
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    Sounds like power supply I had almost the exact same symptoms with one of my old comps and I got a new power supply and it was fine. For some reason that one killed a couple power supplys maybe 3 in 2 years but it started up fine again every time once I got a new one.

    EDIT: Ah but my hard drives definetely didn't spin. All that happened when mine burnt out was I would press the power button and absolutely nothing. Could vary from machine to machine though probably
  6. It's not the power supply. I just tested with a friend's spare and I got the same result as before. Now all I need is a spare Athlon so I can make sure I didn't kill the CPU.

    Though, I've never killed a CPU before. Several motherboards, but no CPUs.
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    Jul 12, 2004
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    I had a similar thing happen at one point, and I reset the CMOS and forgot to put the jumper back on 1/2 from 2/3. While it was on 2/3 the power came on for everything, but of course the machine would not boot as it was resetting the CMOS.

    Make sure your jumpers are correct on the motherboard is all I can think.
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    for no post diagnostics with limited spare parts you wanna do the following

    remove anything non essential, just leave the motherboard, memory, processor, fan, power supply, and video card, try to post it

    if it won't, reseat everything, remove the core components and reseat them.

    Your problem doesn't sound like memory because it's shutting down, this can happen if the power supply is defective, as a safety feature, if it's gonna send a surge, it will shut off instead, also, if your proc is not protected right, AKA heatsink not snapped in or no grease on it, or fan not working, it will shut down to prevent overheating.

    Or your bios might have taken a shit and you need to reset it, give that a try.

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