Xbox 360 2 left lights error

Discussion in 'Gamers' Pulse' started by EG6, Jun 26, 2009.

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    I followed the guide exactly as it said but i'm still getting an error

    The 3RROD is gone now but I'm getting the 2 lights on the left indicating its overheating.


    I'll start the system and it sounds like its working like normal (system boots/dvd drive makes sounds/fan blows hard) and then everything just stops and the 2 left lights start blinking.

    I used Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste on the chips. I put on a rice grain sized amount on the chip and spread it out. Do you guys do it like that or do you just put a shitload on there? I noticed when I was cleaning the chips that there was a lot of excess paste that leaked off the side of the chips.

    Anybody ever run into this and get it fixed? :hs:
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    rice grain sized is fine a little over spill is ok too.

    try tightening the screws that youre now using for the heatsinks a little more although careful you dont warp the board.

    Overheat it again for 15 minutes then cool and try again

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