Xbox issue...DVD-rom drive making clicking noises when reading disk..

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by PSUPef2K, Dec 13, 2005.

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    First of all, I know this is gaming related, but consoles these days are pretty much computers, so that is why I am posting this here, as it is more technical in nature.

    Anyway, I picked up an original xbox from ebay for a decent price. However, it seems as if the DVD drive may have been damaged during shipping, or it was like that beforehand and was misrepresented in the auction. Regardless, rather than dealing with the hassle of shipping it back etc etc, I was planning on troubleshooting this issue myself, since afterall, it's basically a computer.

    After some research I found an article with a quick fix that will solve issues such as this 95% of the time. Basically it says to re-align all components within the drive, as it is very possible they became out of alignment during shipping. So I am going to try that tonight, and if it does not work, I will just go about replacing the drive. Currently the drive I have is a Thomson, which apparently is a piece of crap. I may go with a modified Samsung 616T or the stock XBox samsung drive, a SDG-605. Anyway, does anyone have experience on here replacing the DVD drive? Any advice or precautions?

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