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Down Under
Mar 23, 2006
Perth, WA, Australia
I did a search, and could not find what I was looking for. But if anyone does find a similar thread please link and mod close thread.

Ok so I have 2 xbox's, one is flashed, one is not. Generally if i wanna play something multiplayer online I will buy it. If its something im just gonna play single player I will use on the flashed xbox. My flashed xbox is not banned, and I have not played any games pre release or anything like that. I do keep my flashed xbox online cause I have the same profile on both xbox's, so I like my achievements from the flashed xbox to still be there when I play on the legit xbox(if that makes any sense?)

What I am wondering is if one day I my flashed console gets banned, does the xbox live account get banned with it? So if my console gets banned, and I turn on my legit one is my profile no longer going to work, and worse, if it picks up im using that profile will that console get banned also?

Thanks for your help.

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