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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Chris87, May 18, 2007.

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    This shit is driving me crazy.

    When i open up a folder, and right click on the folder, my "arrange icons by" is by "name", and I have "auto arrange" chosen at the bottom (but i've tried with auto arrange off too).

    My problem is when I right click a picture on the internets to save, it comes up with that "save image" box, or when I go to upload a file on wsuploader or somewhere a similar box comes up, but in both cases, instead of the current files being arranged by name, they are arranged by date, and this is driving my fucking crazy. Every single time I right click and choose "name", it always reverts back to date. I've tried a bunch of shit, but obviously must not be doing the right thing.

    Can someone fix my retardedness please? :x:

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    Arrange a folder the way you want. Then, in Folder Options, tell it to apply those settings to all folders. Then, turn on the option that remembers individual folder settings you make in the future, so if you have a folder sorted differently than all the rest, the changes will stick.

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