A&P y can't i attach anything?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by kazza_kat, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. kazza_kat

    kazza_kat Guest

    im a new member here and i wanted to contribute some of my artwork to the forum, but there is no "brouse" thingo on my reply page.....y is this??? i wanna post some stuff, what do i have to do so i can!??? please help me....:confused:
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  3. kazza_kat

    kazza_kat Guest

    right.....well i went to that page and i typed in that stuff and attached something but it didnt work.......and it was the right file type. what i wanna know i how can i permanently have the brouse thingo on my reply page so i dont have to do that link thing everytime...it seems rather annoying....plus i still dont really know how to work it...i must sound rather clueless....help....:wtc:
  4. RedDemonSA

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    you suck at the internet.!!

    make sure its .jpg & not .JPG
  5. kazza_kat

    kazza_kat Guest

    :mad: i do not suck at the internet! u no helper:p
  6. kazza_kat

    kazza_kat Guest

    ok i have uploaded a picture......but what do i do with it now?
  7. Braiker

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    when you upload a picture, you have to copy the image's web address.

    then when you make a reply... click on the IMG button, and paste the copied web address.

    Everything should work from there on in.
  8. kazza_kat

    kazza_kat Guest

    thanks for ur help. it just would be nice for it to say something like that somewhere thats all

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