Your Opinion: Does this movie interrest you would you go see it?

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Does this movie interest you??

  1. Yes, I am DEFINITLY going to see this movie!!!!

  2. Its ok, nothing I would droll over (probably will check it out)

  3. It looks like something I am not at all interested in.

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  4. I don't know what to think, I think my brain is broke X:->

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  1. PsychoExpo

    PsychoExpo Guest

    The movie is UNDERWORLD. Now I checked out the movie and think it is very cool. And if your a Goth or Gothic fan i think you will like it too. And here is interesting twist I think Matrix fans will like it, it seems to have a Matrix feel to it kinda :) . So there you go, I personaly think there are two categories of movie watchers that will enjoy this film.
    Now, just to give some input to get your interest going:

    Its a movie involving Vampires and Werewolves (also good for Blade fans), and they fight for supremacy of the underworld, a world not known to humans. And along with that battle there is thrown in a Romeo and Juliet type story line with a kinda interesting twist to one of the characters, who ends up getting involved with the Lycans (Werewolves).

    Well thats a little bit about the movie. About the story line on the webe site, I recommend not reading it, to much is given away about the movie in my opinion. So anyways check it out and please post (would like to see post as well as Poll. The poll is mostly for fun) your honest opinion of what you think of the movie and whether you will see it. :cool:

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