You're going to bug her if you approach

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by JohnJohnJohnson, Jul 16, 2007.

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    I have a secret straight from the top 1% percentile. You display more value during day game because you are approaching when it's not an institutionalized social VENUE.

    This is absolutely field tested and the truth.

    I saw a couple people in this forum who had some limiting beliefs. About not bothering girls during the day. When ironically, the fact that everyone shares those limiting beliefs, is exactly why you should approach because of the oh-shit-this-guy-has-balls factor.

    Some girls here have expressed a need for privacy from men who would otherwise hit on them. Lauren, for example, runs at 3 AM to avoid the hooting and hollering that she gets, constantly, whenever she goes jogging down the street. :noes:

    However, a LOW-value guy approaching during the night or during the day is still going to BE annoying, or creepy. Or whatever the fuck it is that drives Lauren to risk getting mugged rather than getting hit on.

    The sum of the parts is that you have much more to gain by approaching when most people normally would not - going back to Yail Bloor's refrain of being different from all the other guys - than you have to lose.

    Obviously this requires calibration.. don't read this and then go into the ladies room and find a stall in use, to do an approach.

    I don't like to post too many tips because I want all the glory for myself. I don't even know if I want people to follow this advice, or ignore it. It's very confusing.

    Some of you already know this stuff anyway... so I guess it can't hurt too much. :wavey:
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    the streets
    I totally agree.

    I get really annoyed when I talk to guys about meeting women and their first thought is always a bar or club.

    Biggest cliches when it comes to meeting women:

    #1 You have to meet them at a bar or club

    #2 You have to take them to dinner and/or a movie on the first date
  3. motherfuckin .
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    good point. all of my bfs have approached me in everyday settings when i least expected it.

    oh, and about running....i usually go in a sports bra, and during daytime thats just asking for it.
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    i totally agree. day game >* . you use the same stuff as in a bar/night club and its far more powerful because they're expecting it less and you come off as having bigger balls
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    i think you're all just mental

    i don't mean women, i mean people in general. mental.
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    Here and there
    makes sense...

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