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    I picked up some wheels for my Jeep a while back and they are in desperate need of some love. They are American Racing Outlaw II wheels. They were clear-coated from the factory and it's starting to peel and look like crap. I've decided if I'm going to the effort of cleaning them up, minus whale polish them to a mirror shine to make upkeep a bit easier on myself. As you can see in the pic, it's gonna be a PITA to polish these with all the little "rivets" that have been pressed in there. Patience will be my friend.

    Question though. What's the best way to remove the clearcoat without damaging the wheel any more than it already is?

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    Best way? Have a wheel repair shop refinish them.

    Not sure how to remove the rest of the clear except by scraping it off a little bit at a time.
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    i have those on my work truck. they look decent when they are cleaned and still in good shape. but i second having them either a. refinished or b. buy new ones. they're about $65-$70 a wheel. probably cost more to refinish.

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