MIL yup. I deleted them all.

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    [If you don't know what this post is about, that's probably a good thing. Seriously.]

    I have said it before, and I will most likely say it many more times: As members of the military, the things you say online can and will bite you in the ass.
    • Do not post about illegal activities that you are participating in.
    • Do not post about anything that you do that may be a violation of the UCMJ.
    When you do things like that, you not only place yourself in serious criminal and legal jeapardy, you also place your online and real life friends in the akward place of having to choose whether or not to uphold an oath they swore. This might mean jack shit to a civilian, but each of you has earned the right to call yourself a soldier/sailor/airman/marine. That is something honorable and righteous and fucking BIGGER than your god damned life. Don't fuck it up for yourself, and do not fuck it up for anyone else.

    cliffs: get your fucking head out of your ass. :squint:
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