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    Cops: Man chewed another’s face
    Monday, December 8, 2008 1:09 AM EST

    Staff Writer

    TRENTON — Police said they apprehended a shady suspect who had blood around his mouth and charged him with chewing the face of a city man on the 200 block of Hamilton Avenue.

    Police, meanwhile, are searching for the suspects who stabbed a victim in the area of Chambers and Liberty streets.

    Cops accuse Cecilio Garcia, 25, of Trenton, of knocking Freddie Gomez to the ground and chomping on Gomez’s face yesterday about 2:50 a.m. Gomez, 24, was treated at Saint Francis Medical Center for a 2-inch deep laceration to his face, cops said.

    A black male and a black female attacked Domingo Estrada, 25, yesterday at about 4:45 a.m., according to police.

    Estrada was biking to his city home when the duo grabbed him from behind, dragged him into a wooded area and pierced a blade into his stomach and chest, cops said.

    The suspects robbed Estrada of his bike, but the wounded victim fled on foot before they could steal his cash, cops said, adding that Estrada ran to a local gas station to contact 911.

    Estrada suffered a collapsed lung and underwent emergency surgery at Capital Health System-Fuld Campus hospital.

    His condition last night had improved from critical to stable, according to police.

    In yesterday’s other savage assault, police accuse Garcia of arguing with Gomez at the corner of Hamilton Avenue and Hudson Street before carrying out the attack.

    Garcia fled to his city apartment after launching the assault, police alleged, adding that Garcia and Gomez both live in the same city apartment complex.

    An injured Gomez called 911 when he limped home and noticed his alleged attacker was standing inside the complex, cops said.

    Police came out in force and tried to interview the suspect at his apartment unit, but police said Garcia slammed his door shut in an act of defiance.

    The officers quickly took control of the situation and apprehended Garcia following his alleged resistance, police said.

    That was when cops noticed the blood around Garcia’s mouth, a visual linking him to the assault against Gomez, cops said.

    Police charged Garcia with aggravated assault but didn’t release info on his bail status.

    The only description police had of the suspects from the Estrada stabbing is that one was a black man and the other a black woman.
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    i hate it when they fuse two separate stories into one. i had to read that damn thing twice to realize that the dude that got his face bitten off wasn't the same guy that was stabbed by two black people...
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    On an unrelated note, that is the worst writing I have ever seen in a newspaper.

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